Ancestry DNA Reading List


I recently posted about my Ancestry DNA test and my goal to read books from the countries that were listed in my results.

Read that post HERE.

On this page I will keep a growing list of books I want to read as a part of this goal, organized by the country of origin.

Native American- 35%


The Queen of Water, by Laura Resau and Maria Virginia Farinango

Wolves’ Dream, by Abdon Ubidia

The Devil’s Nose, by Ingrid Miller


Who Killed Palomino Molero?Ā by Mario Vargas Llosa

Iberian Peninsula- 36%


The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Books Burn Badly, by Manuel Rivas

Europe South- 9%


Zeno’s Conscience, by Italo Svevo