2021 Reading Goals

New year, same me…meaning same desire to return to blogging, and the setting of other bookish resolutions.

Switch from Goodreads to The Storygraph

I am really impressed with the way The Storygraph analyzes reading moods and includes community opinions on plot elements as part of the review process (I’ll add some screen shots for an example).  I also like the reading challenge portion of the web app.  It makes it easy to track and participate. I don’t care for Goodreads groups and found it kind of clunky and disorganized for things like bookclub/read-along discussions, so I would like to see if Storygraph can improve on this as the site develops.

Use the CAWPILE rating system

Something I noticed flipping through my reading log was that my ratings were pretty bullshit.  I found that if I am rating a book I have low expectations from to begin with, I tend to give them higher ratings than books I expect to love and read a little more critically.  At the risk of being a genre snob, I’ll give an example: The Overstory by Richard Powers and Anxious People by Fredrik Backman were rated 4 stars, while Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage and In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren got 5 stars.  Yes I enjoyed all of those books, but I feel like those 4 star books are actually much better books than the 5 stars I just mentioned.  Soooooo…. I want to try and use the CAWPILE rating system (created by G at Bookroast) to be a little more objective across genres when I am rating books for myself.

Prioritize books from my own library

I say this every year… but I really need to read the books I own.  I have chosen some year long reading challenges to help me with this goal (which I’ll share in just a little bit….keep reading).

Write better reviews

I want to be better about including more than “I liked this, 4.5 stars!” in an instagram caption. Writing more thought-out reactions as I finish books should help me remember more about what I read and encourage better engagement with the bookish community.

Participate in year long reading challenges

  • Storygraph challenges
    • Read 100 books
    • Around the World in Seven Continents
  • If You Got It Read It
    • Hosted by The Spine Breakers on YouTube
  • Buzzword Reading Challenge
    • Created by Booksandlala, (to be tracked on Storygraph)

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