Anxiety Can Suck It… and Other Goals for 2020

2019 was…not great.  I don’t even really want to reflect on it, just pretend it didn’t happen.

It would seem I was not alone in the Great Anxiety Flare of 2019.  Late summer/fall seems to have hit a good number of the booktubers and bookstagramers that I follow with this collective emotional knock-out punch (the only reason I don’t include fellow bloggers is because I have no idea what was going on in this community… I couldn’t bring myself to check.  Thanks anxiety).  Once I crawled out from the wreckage of my own self-sabotaging mind, it was good to know I was not alone.  What does that mean though?  I’m not very knowledgeable with astrology, but something about some celestial body in retrograde? House Ravenclaw in turmoil? (insert shrug emoji here)

But that is the past. The future is now.  Just keep swimming.

Anxiety can suck it… I want to put more effort into making the time for me and the things that make me happy.

My 2020 Bookish Goals

I posted this on Instagram at the very beginning of the year.  Here they are with a little more detail and a note of how it’s going so far.

Read from my TBR- my first goal is to put my focus on the books I own, and limit my library loans to audiobooks, graphic novels, nonfiction, and book club selections.  (This is already proving to be extremely difficult and January is not even over.  I love my library!)

Limit book buying- I don’t buy many books new or at full price, but I want to make it a goal to only do so when I have a gift card to use.  I also want to make sure that I am only buying 1 book for every 5 that I read from my TBR.  Lastly, I will only hit up library book sales once a month!  There are weeks that the kids and I are at the library 3+ times, and I can’t help but browse the Friends of the Library Book Store every visit.  I really need to put this limit on myself!   (So far I haven’t spent a penny on books, HOWEVER I have been growing my home library with Little Free Library swaps and taking in books from friends.  So while not technically breaking my own rules… I have definitely taken advantage of my own loophole.  The intent was to not bring in more than I read, but I left that door open and ran through it! If you follow me on Instagram you can see my #nospend #bookhaul)

Blog more- I want to get back into the habit of posting, reading, and interacting with more blogs.  It’s something I really enjoyed doing.  An unfortunate element of anxiety is losing the desire to do even the things we love.  That really blows!  So… the goal is to get on here at least once a week with a reading check-in.  I also plan on renaming my blog for the sake of Instagram cohesiveness.  My thinking on that is it will make it easier for me to interact with fellow bibliophiles across platforms.  (This is obviously proving difficult for me since it’s taken me until the third week of January to get on here.  Hoping this first break back in is the hardest, and from here on out I can meet my weekly goal.)

Read 20 Nonfiction Titles- my goal for last year was 12 and I barely managed it.  For some reason I though 20 in 2020 would be a good idea.  It’s going to be hard, I think. (My first attempt at nonfic has resulted in a DNF…. so not off to a great start.)

No Monthly TBRs or Goodreads Challenge-  First of all, I can’t stick to a monthly TBR and it just ends up stressing me out, so why set myself up for failure?  Secondly, I really want my focus this year to be on quality and not quantity.  I spent a good part of last year binging mediocre audiobooks.  Part of that was because they were all I could invest myself in mentally, and the thrill of seeing my Goodreads numbers padded.  This year I decided I wouldn’t set a goal for the Goodreads challenge, but because I do like being able to click on the challenge link and see only books read in the present year, I went ahead and set it to 1.  Mood reading.  Quality books.  That will be my focus.  (The desire to read as much as possible as quick as possible is still brimming at the surface, but I am making a conscious effort to focus my reading more, to only have one audio and one physical book going at a time… not to have 6 or 7 books going simultaneously.)

Hopefully I will be back on here in a week’s time.  Happy Reading!