Fall Reading Plans

I have so many books that I’ve been putting aside to read close to Halloween that I have to make September through November my spooky reading time frame. October alone just would not cut it.

As I was considering my TBR shelves and which reads I would prioritize for this reading period, I realized that I could easily pair up books that had similar sounding premises, or that gave me a similar feeling from what I think they are about.

So, my plan is to pick books off of my shelf in pairs and do a versus style reading and reaction post. The pair will (for the most part) be a newer, more recently released book and an older classic/modern classic/well known book.

Here’s a rough idea of the match ups I’m planning and why I think they will go together:

The Wicked Deep vs Practical Magic


  • When I first heard of the Wicked Deep it was compared to Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic
  • Both books (I think) have the theme of centuries old curses, specifically targeting male love interests.
  • Witchy, coastal, small town atmosphere

The Wicker King vs The Bell Jar

  • From what I understand, both books follow the character’s decent into mental illness.

See What I Have Done vs We Have Always Lived in the Castle

  • I have read We Have Always Lived in the Castle before. It’s been three years, and I would love to re-read it and look out for clues.
  • I think See What I Have Done (a fictional account of the Lizzie Borden case) will have a similar patricidal tone.

The Island of Dr. Moreau vs ???

  • Dr. Moreau would be a reread for me, but I was definitely way too young when I read it the first time.
  • My choices to pair up with it are:
    • Jurassic Park– similar theme of scientists breaking the laws of nature and it biting them in the ass (literally). I’ve been wanting to read this for so long, and I remember the movie scaring the crap out of me when it came out a million years ago.
    • The Madman’s Daughter– This is an imagining of what Dr. Moreau’s daughter would face in the wake of her father’s experiments. This is actually the first in a series. I don’t expect this to be an amazing book, but I can’t help but be intrigued by it.

My Plain Jane vs ???

  • Ideally I would pair this new release with a re-read Jane Eyre, but that book is quite the chunker. I won’t totally dismiss the idea, but not sure how realistic this would be.
  • Jane Steele– another reimagining of the same source material
  • I would also consider reading The Madman’s Daughter against this book, because the are both YA twists on classic books.

The Hazel Wood vs The Book of Lost Things

  • Both books feature dark fairy tale elements and (I think) kidnapped family members.
  • I LOVE The Book of Lost Things so freaking much! This would be a third reading if I get to it.

Undead Girl Gang vs Frankenstein

  • I’m not actually thinking these are aligned at all, but…
  • Necromancy.

Will I get to all of these? Doubt it. I would be so surprised if I did. But I had fun thinking up these pairs to keep me motivated in my reading. There are some books I want to get to that don’t really fit in with this versus style either, so I guess we will just see what sort of reading mood I end up in.