Top Ten Tuesday- Binge Worthy TV Shows


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Binge Worthy TV Shows.

This is pretty much the only way my husband and I watch TV.  We don’t have cable, and while I have a couple of shows I watch week to week on Hulu, we love having a series available on Netflix to veg out with once we finally get those tiny pirate monsters kids of ours to bed.

1. Marvel’s   (literally any one of the many shows)    

We are currently binging all the Marvel shows.  We got through all 5 seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Netflix (we followed this timeline for how to watch the seasons of this show along with the Marvel movies).  Then we went over to Hulu to watch Agent Carter.  Loved it.  And now we are back on Netflix for Daredevil.  Holy cow.  We actually tuck the kids in and tell them we are going to start our show…”DO NOT COME IN THE LIVING ROOM if you need to get out of bed for anything”.  Wow is it gory.  I’ve had to cover my eyes and the sounds are enough to gross me out.

2. How I Met Your Mother

We watched this entire show all at once on Netflix.  If we were to watch it over we would skip the last season.  The show’s ending actually made us so angry that we are hesitant to watch even the earlier seasons again because now we know where they are going.  But until that point…it was so funny and I loved all the running jokes.  When I think of how many years they kept a joke going (for those who weren’t binging the show), it’s really impressive that they were able to keep track of everything for so long.

3. Cheers

We are way too young to have watched Cheers back in its day… but I had seen enough of the show in syndication growing up to say ‘hey let’s put this one on’ when we saw it on Netflix.  I’m so glad we did.  It was great.  I was actually more familiar with Frasier and knew it was a spin off, but when we finished Cheers I found I couldn’t stand Frasier… he is not the same person he was in the original show.  And what a shock to go from watching young Ted Danson every night… and then to see a commercial for The Good Place.  I mean I know aging happens, obviously.  But when we are connecting to the character that is around our age for 11 seasons, and then to see him in the present…. it was kind of jarring.

4. Friends


5. Everybody Loves Raymond

I love this show so much.  And I got a kick out of Patricia Heaton’s character Deborah, and how different she is from Frankie Heck (her character in The Middle, which we mostly kept up with thanks to Hulu).

6. Impractical Jokers

On a Netflix lull, we turned to watching all the episodes of this stupid show.  It was a great show to watch when we didn’t have the energy to invest in a story line.  It is four guys from Long Island who come up with hilarious scenarios and try to out-embarass each other.  That’s it.  It’s hilarious.  Until you realize that you’ve just watched like 7 years worth of this show and these guys still have this juvenile sense of humor… it’s kind of sad.  But still so funny, who am I kidding?

7. The Goldbergs

Holy f*** is this show hilarious!  I love the crazy family dynamic and how the mom is so obsessed with her kids and always getting bleeped because she drops f bombs like it’s her job (what? that’s not me! oh wait…)

We had seen an episode here and there, because ABC is the one channel our rabbit ear antenna picked up and it came on after The Middle.  But then we put it on Hulu one day and very quickly watched 4 seasons worth.

The rest of my list is some Sci Fi/ Fantasy that I watched alone because they are soooooo not my husband’s cup of tea.

8. The Magicians

I binged the first season two seasons, and I think I’m going to rewatch them before I binge the third season.  I want to read the books but have hear they are meh.  I’ll probably love them.  The show gives me very adult Harry Potter/Narnia vibes that I am ALL ABOUT!

9. Being Human (BBC Version)

Oh man, I binged this so hard a few years ago. Never watched the US version though.  Is this still even on Netflix? probably not.  I kind of want to watch this over again.  Vampire, Werewolf, and Ghost BFFS?  YES!  The last season gave me anxiety though, because it dealt with the devil and I’m Hispanic and was raised Catholic…. so, even though I don’t vibe with Catholicism, I still have some hang ups when it comes to demons and spirits.

10. Merlin

Oh this show.  It took me a few episodes to be on board with Merlin and Arthur being the same age.  I guess I was hung up on the traditional image of Merlin being old and mentoring Arthur.  But yeah I got over that real quick!  MERTHUR is the best the ship that never happened.  I love this show so much.  Yeah some episodes are cheesy, but the show is still AMAZING! My one hang up with the show…  The chick who plays Morgana is the literal worst actress EVER. Oh and also, the last episode is too intense to watch ever again.  I skipped it the last time I watched the series through and went back to episode 1 instead.

Oh boy it’s so hard to stop here with only ten.  But I will….because otherwise I’ll go on forever.

What shows have you binged?

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