My First Pops!

I love Funko Pops. They are so stinking cute! But I’ve never bought any because…I don’t know, I guess feel like there are more responsible ways to spend money. Booo, adulting.

But I couldn’t pass these up.

I was only going to get Marko, but Alana is his soulmate…how dare I bring home one without the other?

And then my son handed me Ahsoka and they were a part of a ‘3 For’ deal (they actually turned out not to be, but it was actually slightly cheaper without the promo) so I took her home, too.

Now…. keep them in the box, or take them out?

I’ve always thought keeping them in boxes was dumb because I, personally, don’t collect things with the idea they’ll become more valuable in the future (is that even a thing with these?) and the cuteness of the pops cant be fully appreciated if they are still boxed.

But I dont know… for now, I like how i can stack them.

I feel like now that I’ve caved and bought some, I will be going back for more. I already know want a Prince Jareth and all the Gargoyles. Uh oh!

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