If You Liked Black Panther…

I FINALLY got to watch Black Panther last week!!!!!

What took me so long? yeah I had TEN YEARS of MCU movies to catch up on! We used this timeline, though so far the only show we have watched is Agents of SHIELD.  We are going to watch Agent Carter next, then fill in with the Netflix Marvel series.

I have to say, it was our excitement for Black Panther that got us interested in going back and watching all the movies up to that point (yeah, we are the kind of people who get obsessive and care about things like continuity…. we couldn’t just jump in never having seen the rest!)

While watching… and LOVING… the movie I was reminded of a couple books, and thought I would come up with an “If You Liked Black Panther, Give These Books a Try” post.  So that’s what this is.

Children of Blood and Bone

by Tomi Adeyemi

Obviously.  We’ve got a bad ass warrior chick wielding a staff.  And there’s the sense of power and magic set against an African landscape that is present in both BP and COBAB. Also cats. And Angela Bassett’s beautiful white hair.

Want another reason the two are similar?  How about a prince who wants to make his father proud by fighting for the kingdom in the manner he was raised, but comes to wonder whether or not it is truly the right thing.  Inan is no T’Challa, but there are similar elements woven in to their personal journeys.

Binti Trilogy

by Nnedi Okorafor

Did I absolutely love this novella trilogy? No.  No I did not.  Did I finish it, and do I think about it all. the. dang. time?  Yup.  Why it reminds me of Black Panther:  technology.  There is  A LOT of futuristic tech in Binti.  Not only did Wakanda itself remind me of the trilogy’s setting, but Shuri gave me Binti vibes with her intelligence and nonconformism.   Also, throughout the trilogy Binti learns of some alien roots, which is similar to the way in which Black Panther’s powers are derived..you know, space stuff coming to earth.15c48596a63adcf1334df02031313c75.jpg

Also- while browsing Pinterest and writing this post, I have come across this article about a Black Panther spin off comic written by Nnedi Okorafor.  While I have been really enjoying comics/graphic novels lately, I have been intimidated by the sheer volume of Marvel comics and have shied away from them.  I will have to check these out though.

American Gods

by Neil Gaiman

A new order of gods/values threatening to overthrow the old ways…check.  Surprise parentage… check.  Rebirth/ an alternate plane between life and death in which truths are realized… check.


by Marissa Meyer

Because Killmonger kind of had a point, no?  I mean he went about it all wrong, but his point was valid.  In Renegades there is no totally right, definitely wrong side.  There are two opposing sides who each make sense, but are each making not great decisions when it comes to handling the situation.


Shades of Magic Trilogy

by VE Schwab

Because when there is an unequal distribution of resources and power… shit is going to hit the fan.

All American Boys

by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely


The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

BECAUSE BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Like I said, Killmonger kind of had a point: the black community continues to face discrimination on a grand scale.  It needs to stop.  There is no easy answer, but I think we can all agree that using vibranium to create weapons to use against all other races is not quite the way to go.  These YA books address the BLM movement in a very accessible way.

The Lord of the Rings

by JRR Tolkien

Really just because of this meme:



What do you think? What books would you recommend to Marvel fans?

Let me know, and Happy Reading!

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