Hello Blog, Long Time No See & A Glance at my Bookshelves

I have started so many blog posts in my head this month. And, believe me, they were good ones! For some reason though I just could not find the concentration to actually compose and post them.

***insert excuses here, there are many***

I hope to be back soon with a May wrap up. My kids don’t have baseball tonight, so maybe I will get to write it this evening. Maybe. No promises.

I thought I’d ease back into posting by sharing my bookshelves. This is a good time because they are freshly organized(ish) and dusted.

Let’s start with my TBR shelves. I’ve decided to pull books I own but haven’t read away from the rest and keep them all together in one area of my bedroom. The idea was that if I can see them standing apart I will grab and read them. Yeah, hasn’t happened. I’ve been adding and adding to these shelves, yet I seem to be re-reading or borrowing from the library.

On the other side of my bedroom is this bookcase I salvaged from the curb. I love her…dings, scrapes and all. My husband mentions how we are doing better financially now, and I don’t need a bookcase from the garbage… but I don’t know if I can get rid of her. Before she came into my life, my books were still in storage totes in the basement from when we had moved in several years prior.

Above that are these shadow boxes that house my Redwall collection and other knick-knacks.

In the living room, my newest bookshelf is this ladder shelf from Ikea. It’s more decorative, housing some antique books my husband’s grandparents gave me and large/pretty hardcovers. (Sorry the lighting in the photo is awful)

Also on the living room, this shelf used to be a lamp until our naughty puppy chewed the plug. Lost a lamp, gained an extra shelf. No loss really. Just had to take the paper shade off the top and remove the bulb socket. It’s been used for library books in the past, but I decided to put children’s chapter books there a) to free up space on my own shelf, and b) to keep them more visible so we are more likely to grab them.

There is also a shelf under our tv that currently houses my kids’ library books. We always have at least 35 things checked out…. not that we need to borrow books, there are more than enough at home we haven’t read as you can see!

When my kids’ room is in better shape I’ll have to share their book shelves, too. They have tons as well!

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