My Half-ass Attempt at T5W: SF/F Auto-buy Authors

Omigosh guyyysss…. I want to blog so bad but I’m so tired. Like… my eye won’t stop twitching, why aren’t these kids of mine in bed, wish I could focus on something… TIRED!

So Top 5 Wednesday. I wish I had the energy to put more thought into it but here’s a quick list of my Top 5 Auto-Buy Sci Fi/Fantasy Authors:

  1. Marissa Meyer
  2. Victoria/VE Schwab
  3. Rick Riordan
  4. Leigh Bardugo
  5. Neil Gaiman
  6. Gregory Maguire

Oh yeah… look at me going above and beyond with 6.

Now, that doesn’t mean I own all of these author’s books. Not even close. I haven’t even read everything by these authors. This just means that I see the name and know that it’s something I would enjoy without having to know what it’s about, and that I look forward to enjoying their work.

The T5W prompt specified SF/F genre… but I would add Benjamin Alire Saenz and Alice Hoffman to my list of auto-buy authors.

What authors do you trust to not let you down… and what happens if they do?! Are you more cautious of their next book you come across? Or do you shrug it off and maintain an optimistic enthusiasm for the rest of their books…. can’t hit a home run every time, right?

3 thoughts on “My Half-ass Attempt at T5W: SF/F Auto-buy Authors

  1. Bardugo also made me list and after reading and enjoying Heartless, I will be checking more Meyer’s books out as well.
    Great list! And I can totally relate re being tired! ❤️

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  2. Awww I hope you get some rest! I guess if I like the author’s writing style enough, I can gloss over the one or two “bad” books. Or something. I don’t know. I’m also super tired and should probably take my own advice and get some more sleep. 😛

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