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Hello and Happy Monday!

This week I am reading/listening to American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I started out reading it and was pleasantly surprised at how easily digestible it was. I read Anansi Boys years ago and remember it taking me a while to get into the story and follow the plot, but that may have been due to my inexperience with Gaiman and the adult fantasy genre at the time.

I switched to the audiobook of American Gods in order to do some projects around the house.

The version I am listening to is the 10th Anniversary Full Cast version. It is wonderful. I love full cast audiobooks so much!

The voice actor for the main character, Shadow…. ooooooh boy! That voice! ***swoon*** So deep. So smooth.

I am really liking the story. I like the juxtaposition of old world gods and new age gods, and what they reflect about human nature and values. Sometimes I get frustrated when Shadow doesn’t seem to get what is happening when I feel like it should be obvious. You’re rolling with gods now, Shadow, reality is redefined, go with it. I feel like he’s slowing the story down because things have to be explained to him.

It is a pretty slow story now that I think of it, but that’s how it goes with Neil Gaiman. His writing is so descriptive and beautiful; he really takes his time with his craft.

I also like the stories of other people of all different cultures and how they call the gods of their home countries over to America with them. I like how it is sprinkled into the main story, yet not connected to it. Like a commercial for something I’m actually interested in.

I’m on page 260 of 598. So quite a ways to go. I think I will focus on just this book this week, especially since I have it in both audio and paperback formats. I picked up Illuminae from the library, and I also have volume 2 of the graphic novel Fables that I want to read… but we will see how much I feel like splitting my attention, and how quickly I get through American Gods.

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