Top 5 Wednesday: Urban Fantasy


Happy Hump Day Readers!

The topic for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday is Urban Fantasy.  Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes.  Check out the Goodreads group for more posts in this tag and for future topics.

Once again, I found this T5W topic difficult.  I am terrible at genres.  I haven’t paid too much attention to them before… I just pick up a book that seems like it would be a good fit for me or that I’ve heard lots about.  I didn’t even know that Fantasy had so many sub-genres until recently.  So with that in mind, I think that these would all classify as Urban Fantasy.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 picks for the week:

1. Shades of Magic Series by V. E. Schwab


I love the parallel Londons we get in this series and the different levels of magic in each of them.  These books rocked my world last year.

2. Six of Crows Duology, by Leigh Bardugo


A much as I would love to kick it with the cast of these novels.  I would die.  Quick.  I would not last a minute in Ketterdam, that’s for damn sure!

3. Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples


Does this count as urban fantasy?  It’s fantasy…(lordy do I fantasize about it, like all the time! Oh boy, but how I wish I was Alana…let’s be real though… I’d die.) and they keep finding war ravaged urban locations to hide out in.  So… counts?

4. Southern Vampire Mysteries, by Charlaine Harris


I love the idea of the world being aware of vampires and other supes and seeing how that plays out.

5.  The Gates, by John Connolly


I really need to re-read this.  I think there are companion books I didn’t even know about.  I also think my October TBR has just been decided!  Read the description here… and then go read this book!

How’d I do? Do these count as Urban Fantasy? Definitely comment below and recommend some other titles in this genre to me.

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