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Hello Readers, Happy Monday!  I wanted to drop in quick with an update on what I plan on reading this week.


I recently ordered ‘Stars Above’ by Marissa Meyer as a Valentine’s gift for myself from my husband (along with a copy of ‘Scarlet’ and the Lunar Chronicles coloring book).  Love that guy.  It is a collection of shorts that fit into the Lunar Chronicles (which I absolutely love!).  Today I read the first story in the collection, ‘The Keeper,’ and will probably read it a story or two at a time throughout the week, as opposed to reading them all together at once.  I also picked up ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes’ by Rick Riordan last week, and will probably read that one the same way.

I want to start reading ‘The Villagers’ by Jorge Icaza.  It is a novel translated from Spanish (the Spanish title is ‘Huasipungo’) and set in Ecuador.  I will go into more detail on why I have chosen to read this novel in a later post, but basically- I want to read novels set in, or written by authors, from the countries of my heritage.

I have a chunkster of a graphic novel I want to give a shot this week- ‘Blankets’ by Craig Thompson.  It looked familiar, so I want to say I saw a recommendation for it on Booktube, and it has a blurb on the back from Neil Gaiman, so I checked it out a few weeks ago from my library and have been meaning to get to it.


I’ve been a bad girl in regards to my book club attendance of late, but I have been doing the reading… just not making it out the door to join the discussion.  This month the book is ‘A Man Called Ove’ by Fredrik Backman.  I LOVE this book.  I listened to it two years ago and am listening to it again now.  I already know I will be changing my Goodreads rating from four to five stars.  The meetup is on Wednesday and I am about three quarters of the way through the audio already, so it should be no problem finishing before then.

What are you reading? Let me know in the comments and have a great week!

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