January Wrap Up

Here’s the breakdown of my January reading-

Total pages read: 3,792

Number of books started: 18

Number of books finished: 16

  • Physical books- 4
  • Ebooks- 2
  • Audiobooks- 3.5
  • Graphic novels- 8

And here’s a closer look-


My first book of the year was ‘The Ice Queen’ by Alice Hoffman. This is an author I want to read a lot more of. I loved reading ‘The Museum of Extraordinary Things’ last year for bookclub, I enjoyed the movie ‘Practical Magic,’ and I liked this book too. Will definitely be reading more of her work.


I know I’m late to this series, but HOLY COW! I loved this duology! I started ‘Six of Crows’ as an audiobook, but I just could not connect with it. I really hated the narrators’ voices. But once I got a physical copy from the library I was ALL IN! I was even able to return to the audio when I needed to. ‘Crooked Kingdom’ almost killed me. I went into both books knowing nothing about them except that they were very popular fantasy novels, so I was NOT expecting to be hit so hard in the feels by a certain part I won’t mention. I haven’t read the Grisha Trilogy yet, though. I knew so little about these books I actually thought Crows came first… shameful, I know… so I did spoil a little bit for myself. Oops.


I listened to both of these. I already shared how I feel. I think I’m DNFing the series.

‘The Hate U Give’ was a book club choice. I didn’t actually go to the book club meeting, but you know I read this book! So powerful. So moving. So well done! And relevant? Is it ever! The community description was so on target, as was the internal conflict of the main character balancing her home and school personas.

‘Shadowshaper’ was another YA novel (fantasy YA this time) with a cast of non-white characters. This wasn’t done as well and I had a couple of problems with this book, but the multiculturalism and setting kept me reading. Also, I watched a couple videos on YouTube and the author comes across as very likable… and it wasn’t very long. I’m fine with this being a stand alone novel, though. The ending is complete enough that I don’t feel the need to read the sequel.


And now time to get negative-

‘Alias Hook’ was awful! Terrible! I hate it! Hook was such a soft character. What good is soft in a pirate!? The description was so amazing. I was so excited for this. I grabbed it from a display of librarian recommendations… if I can’t trust a librarian… who can I trust?

I tried graphic novels out for a change this month. I absolutely love Saga. I havn’t yet gotten to read all of them… but I hope to buy them some time soon. They are just so gorgeous!



I also read these graphic novels this month:

‘The Arrival’ was absolutely beautiful. An amazing look at immigration. Being wordless didn’t at all hinder the ability to connect with the book on an emotional level.

‘Queen Street’ and ‘Algeria is Beautiful like America’ I read through Net Galley. They were okay. ‘Queen Street’ missed the mark for me. It brought up several important topics but then just left them hanging. ‘Algeria’ was so slow and history heavy, but overall a worthwhile read.


The kids and I are 8 chapters deep in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’……….

and FINALLY!!! (sorry guys, this went way longer than I thought it would)…


I haven’t quite finished this one yet… but I read and listened to about 90% of this during the month of January so I’m counting it here.

And that’s all, folks…. I kind of can’t believe that was just one month. That’s a lot for me. I’m feeling really good about my reading habits right now.

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