2018 Reading Goals

Because it is still January, I’m going to sneak a New Year’s post in while I can.

I know it isn’t Wednesday, and I know this was the topic from the beginning of the month, but I’m going to include this on the TOP 5 WEDNESDAY tag.  Check out the Thoughts on Tomes YouTube channel, as well as the Goodreads group, for more information.

At the beginning of each year my little family of four makes a list of things we would like to do or try together.  Here is what we came up:

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 10.11.46 AM

Cute right?

On that family list I made a goal to read HP and the Sorceror’s Stone, Redwall, and A Wrinkle in Time with the kids.  My kids are 6 and (nearly) 8.  These might be overly ambitious goals, but so far they are enjoying listening to me read A Wrinkle in Time.  How much they understand is less important than how much they are enjoying the story… right?  And who says they can’t revisit it later?

Now, for my personal reader goals for 2018:

1. Goodreads Challenge-

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 11.28.18 AM

Last year I set a 30 book goal for my Goodreads challenge.  I ended the year at 57 books.  In that count I include audiobooks and some middle grade/ juvenile fiction that I read to the kids.  I don’t include books from series like ‘The Magic Tree House’ or ‘Ballpark Mysteries’ because those feel like cheating.  Books like ‘A Boy Called Bat,’ ‘The One and Only Ivan,’ and ‘Penderwicks’ make the list, because those stories stick with me and were more of a time investment (especially considering I’m reading them at my kids’ pace of a chapter or two at a time).  Check out all the books I read for 2017 here.

This year my goal is 45 books.  My husband wants to know why I didn’t set it higher than the number I ended last year with.

Because I didn’t want to and he can’t make me!

I don’t want to feel pressured by having a too-high number looming over me;  I want to read some of the bigger, more intimidating books that are on my TBR; and, while I love audiobooks, I want to make sure I read more than I listen to this year.

2. Read what I own-

I don’t regularly haul a ton of books, but I DO have books that I’ve brought home, put on the shelf, and not made the time for.  I won’t call it a Book Buying Ban- that just sounds so negative… and I don’t like being told I can’t do something, even by myself.  Instead, I will just do my best to read more than I buy.

3. Re-read-

I don’t usually re-read a book unless my book club selects it for the month and it’s been a while since I’ve read it.  Even then I’ve shown up like “ehhhh…. I mostly remember…. I just needed to leave the house.”

I’m not sure why I don’t re-read books.  I mean, I HAVE to keep them.  I’ve even returned a library book, bought my own copy, and not re-read it.  I tried explaining it to my husband once, but I’m not sure if he quite understood: each of the books on my shelf was an experience.  I look at them and remember what I felt while I was on that reading journey, even if I can’t remember the plot exactly.  Each book that I’ve read and loved becomes a part of me.  Besides, they’re pretty.

There’s also this crazy little imp that lives in the back of my mind, tapping his foot impatiently, constantly reminding me: “Too many books, too little time.  Can’t turn back now.”  Silence, imp.  I will never read all the books I want to read, and darn it, there are more and more every year!  I need to accept that and appreciate the books I do have.  I need to get over that fear of missing out on something new, and take a minute to rediscover myself in a favorite.  I will not feel guilty about it.

4. Monthly TBR-

I did this in December and again this month- a stack of books set out from the rest that I think I will enjoy at the moment.  I may or may not do this every month.  But it did keep my pace up… I had an idea of what to move on to, and they were pretty reflective of my current reading mood.

5. Branch Out-

One of the things I love about being in a book club is reading things I wouldn’t typically pick up on my own.  While I enjoy just about every genre, I tend to avoid non-fiction and memoirs.  I read more fantasy (especially YA) than contemporary novels, and I haven’t read nearly enough sci-fi.  Without putting too much pressure on myself, I want to try and keep my mind more open to trying new things.

What are some reading goals you have?

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